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Table Pad Prices at a Glance

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  • Buffet/server table pad photoWilliamsburg Quality Table Pads with a Lifetime Guarantee.
  • 33 woodgrain and leatherlook vinyl colors and 8 bottom colors.
  • True 1/2ʺ thick construction with 100% insulation (no chip, flake or core boards) for 550°F heat protection at the table surface.
  • All 80 weight vinyls have 100% cotton reinforced fabric backings (not paper backings).
   35% Off Regular
Table pad only $159 $245 $28
Table pad and 1 leaf $208 $321 $33
Table pad and 2 leaves $257 $397 $38
Additional leaf pad $49 $76 $8
Leaf pad only $60 $93 $25
Buffet/server pad $85 $132 $28

Oversized Table Pads

Please call for a quote or get an instant quote online if your table exceeds these dimensions:

  • Table pads over 54ʺ round or over 54ʺ wide and 74ʺ long.
  • Leaf pads over 24ʺ × 54ʺ.
  • Buffet/server pads over 24ʺ wide and 72ʺ long.

Storage Bags

   Sale Regular
(First Bag)
Table pad storage bag $28 $33 $16
Leaf bag, standard flannel, for leaves up to 24ʺ × 50ʺ $30 $35 $16
Leaf bag, extra long flannel, for leaves up to 24ʺ × 72ʺ $45 $50 $18
Leaf bag, standard vinyl, for leaves up to 24ʺ × 52ʺ $25 $30 $16
Leaf bag, extra long vinyl, for leaves up to 24ʺ × 62ʺ $35 $40 $18

Shipping for additional bags is only $5 each. Bags ship for free when ordered with a table pad.

More about table pad storage bags and table leaf storage bags

Table Pad Locking Systems

   Sale Regular
Fabric Snug-Locks (any size set) $15 $20 $6
Dura-Locks R (any size set) $25 $30

Shipping is free on table pad locks when ordered with a table pad. (Dura-Locks R may only be ordered with a table pad.)

More about locking systems

Tax and Shipping

You can expedite your order for $20, but you must call for expedite availability.

When shipping outside the continental U.S. or to APO/FPO, please call for a quote.

Ohio residents only: 6.5% sales tax applies.