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Table Pad Locking Systems

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A table pad locking system is an accessory that locks the table pad sections together as one. This prevents the sections from shifting apart. The combined weight also helps prevent the table pad from moving around on the table.

Pioneer’s Dura-Lock System

Price: $40 $35 (can only be ordered with a table pad)

Dura-Locks are embedded and hidden along the abutting sections of your table pad, tightly locking the table pad sections in two directions.

Table pad locks photo edge-on, open
Table pad locks photo edge-on, closed
Dura-Lock cross-section animation with tab snapping into slot
Table Pad Dura-Lock cross-section
Table pad locks photo from above, closed
Table pad locks photo from above, open

Dura-Locks are a high-tech nylon made by Dupont. This high-performance, reliable, tough but lightweight nylon makes an ideal complementary component for a table pad. A similar nylon material is used in the automobile industry for parts such as mufflers and cylinder heads—that is how industrial and strong this product is. This particular nylon actually gets stronger as it ages, which makes it extremely resistant to breaking.

Fabric Snug-Lock System

Fabric Snug-Locks are the safest lock in the industry. We have never had one complaint!

Slideshow: installation of Fabric Snug-Locks for a table pad

Pricing starts at $30 $Call

To determine the price, tell us how many table pad sections total you have:

We will send the correct number of Snug-Locks for your table.

Or select Fabric Locks under Accessories when ordering a table pad.

(To discuss how many Snug-Locks you need, call us at 1-800-541-0271.)

How Do Fabric Snug-Locks Work?

Simply lay 3 of your Fabric Snug-Lock strips directly on and at the center of your table. Place one section of the pad on half of the strips and the next section of pad on the other half of strips. When using additional leaf pads use another set of 3 between each abutting section.

The Fabric Snug-Locks are made from the exact same materials as the back of your pads. The fibrous materials act like Velcro, securely keeping sections of pads from shifting away from one another.

We offer a lifetime unconditional guarantee: if you should ever lose or misplace your Fabric Snug-Locks, simply call us at 1-800-541-0271 and we will send you a new set at no charge.

  • If you order Fabric Snug-Locks, we will supply you with the appropriate quantity for your particular set.
  • When ordering Fabric Snug-Locks with your table pads, there is no additional shipping charge.
  • If you are ordering Fabric Snug-Locks without any other merchandise, there is a charge for shipping.

History of Table Pad Locking Systems

Our industry is 100 years old, and for around the first 70 years, locks for table pads did not exist. But about 30 years ago, table pad manufacturers (of which there are only three left in the United States) engineered prototype locks: something brand new to the table pad industry. Every company’s lock is different, but basically all locks work the same; they keep the pieces from shifting away from one another. There is no lock that makes the pad adhere to the table.

In the past 30 years, all our competitors have had to reengineer their table pad locks because they have had so many problems. Our Fabric Snug-Lock System is our original system and we have never had a single complaint. We make the safest lock in the industry.

Prior to the engineering process, we were asked for a wish list of things that we wanted to see happen and not happen. Obviously, we are in the business of protecting people’s tables, so we did not want anything metal that might come in contact with the finish, nor did we want a lock that might break, crack, or fail to align properly, which in turn would need to be sent back to the factory for repair.

Do I Need a Locking System?

Today, the majority of our customers order a locking system, because table pad locks keep the pad pieces from shifting away from one another.

Many customers leave their table pads on their tables all the time and may eat there a couple of times a day or do things such as puzzles, wrapping, reading the paper, or studying—in other words, elbow activities. In these case scenarios, locks are extremely helpful. Using locks combines the weight of all the sections as one, which keeps them from shifting apart and also makes it harder to move around on the table.

In addition, some tables, such as small round or drop-leaf tables, have pads that are smaller or in many pieces, thus lighter in weight, and consequently locks are a necessity.

Some people do not need locks. The average set of pads weighs from 20 to 25 pounds. During a formal dinner, the weight of the pad, dishes, and a centerpiece and the fact that we usually don’t put our elbows on the table are enough to keep things from moving and shifting.