Rosh Hashanah delivery is still available until 9/13 if you choose the +$20 Holiday Delivery option at the end of your order.  More

Shipping and Delivery Information

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The holidays back up delivery times. Order as soon as possible! Call 1-800-541-0271 for availability. Starting in September through December, the demand for table pads increases dramatically (literally quadruples) due to the upcoming holidays. Therefore, delivery times steadily get longer with each passing week. Another reason delivery times get longer is that the table pad industry is very small. There are only a few companies left that actually manufacture table pads.

Very often, by the second or third week in October, there is no more capacity left to guarantee a table pad by the holidays. Order as soon as you can to avoid delays.

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Rosh Hashanah 8/30
Rosh Hashanah delivery is still available until 9/13 if you choose the +$20 Holiday Delivery option at the end of your order. 9/13
Note: Any order placed online, over the phone, or through the mail, that is missing information on the deadline date cannot be promised for holiday delivery.

Delivery Time

Photo: woman accepting delivery of packageDelivery time fluctuates—please call 1-800-541-0271 for the current delivery time.

All packages are shipped UPS. Our delivery times include the standard times published by UPS. We cannot be responsible for UPS exceeding their own published delivery schedules.

Expedited Orders

You can expedite your order for $CALL.

Expediting guarantees that your table pads leave our factory in 5 working days, putting your order in front of other orders. Expedited orders must be paid for in advance.

When we receive your order, if it is incomplete or missing information, the above offer will not take effect until the questions are resolved.

Note: If your order requires you to take a pattern and send it through the mail, this will lengthen the expedite service possibly up to 4 more days (this also does not include the length of time it will take to ship and receive your table pads).

Once your table pads ship, delivery of your table pads may take up to another 1 to 5 days.

Expedite Guarantee

If we do not deliver the table pad within the agreed time, we will refund your expedite fee only.