Our manufacturing plant has re-opened, and we are available to take orders and answer questions seven days a week. Because orders are made up on a first come, first served basis, we recommend placing an order to secure your place in the queue.

Shipping and Delivery Information

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To Our Highly Valued Customers

Our sales office is open to take orders and answer questions seven days a week at 1-800-541-0271.

Note that all U.S. table pad manufacturers were closed by “non-essential business” orders for approximately six weeks. However, on May 4, 2020, we did resume manufacturing.

All orders are made up on a first come, first served basis; so we recommend placing an order as soon as possible to secure your place in the queue and avoid delays. We have been extremely busy since we re-opened after Covid on May 4. Based on the volume of business we now have—for this time of year which is normally our slow time—it will be extremely difficult for customers to receive a table pad before the holidays if an order isn’t placed by the end of September. August through December is our industry’s busiest time of year, and our volume can literally quadruple.

Delivery Dates If You Have an Order in the System

If you were given projected ship dates of…
…7/13–7/17 All table pads have shipped
…7/20–7/24 We are running from 3 to 5 days late
…7/27–7/31 We are running from 3 to 5 days late
…8/3–8/7 To be determined
…8/10–8/14 To be determined
…8/17–8/21 To be determined

The process of manufacturing a custom table pad takes time. Each table pad order is custom-made from start to finish, and each order is totally different from the next. An average order may have four sections/pieces, while other orders may have ten or more. Also, some table pad shapes take much longer than others. For instance, a rectangular table pad may take half an hour to make, but a round table pad could take an hour because of all the cutting and snipping. This is why delivery times always fluctuate. If we get a lot of rectangular pads to make, we may get ahead of schedule. If we have a lot of round, scalloped, or oval table pads, we may run behind with our projected delivery dates. Couple this with the fact that there are only a few companies that actually manufacture custom table pads. So we ask everyone’s patience in order to facilitate making the same quality product.

Pioneer has made custom table pads for over 108 years now. We feel, hands down, we manufacture the finest table pad in the United States. Pioneer knows that with making the finest product, along with our outstanding customer service, we will prevail!

What to Expect

Photo: woman accepting delivery of packageWhen orders are taken, whether by phone, mail or email, each customer, prior to entering an order in the system, is given a projected date when we think the table pads will ship. However, due to the complexity of our manufacturing process, it is possible for your table pad order to ship as much as a week sooner or later. But we do still try to accommodate customers when a special delivery date is needed.

Possible Covid Delay

We also want to make sure that everyone understands that if someone in our plant gets sick with Covid, there is always the possibility that we may need to close for a couple of days to throughly clean our facility, or even quarantine employees for a time, which could possibly delay production.

We want all our employees and their families to be safe through these troubling times, and to do what we feel is our civic duty in keeping people in our immediate circle from harm’s way.