Shipping and Delivery Information

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Delivery Time

Photo: woman accepting delivery of packageDelivery time fluctuates—please call 1-800-541-0271 for the current delivery time.

Note: Demand for table pads for Easter and Passover Holidays will increase production time. There are only three table pad companies left that actually manufacture table pads for everyone in the United states. Remember, every table pad is custom made. No two orders are the same! In order to produce a quality custom product—it just takes time. Order as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Expedited Orders

You can expedite your order for $CALL.

Expediting guarantees that your table pads are in your home within 10 working days, putting your order in front of other orders. Expedited orders must be paid for in advance.

Faster delivery may be possible. Call 1-800-541-0271 for availability.

When we receive your order, if it is incomplete or missing information, the above offer will not take effect until the questions are resolved.

Note: If your order requires you to take a pattern and send it through the mail, this will lengthen the expedite service possibly up to 4 more days.

Expedite Guarantee

If we do not deliver the table pad within the agreed time, we will refund your expedite fee only.