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Order a Table Pad
Without Measuring!

Made in U.S.

Usually, all you need to place an order is your table manufacturer name and style number. Please call us before you order at 1-800-541-0271 to see if we have your pattern. We have over 15,000 table pad patterns on file.

Where do I find my numbers?

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Your Table’s Three Enemies

Art: burning match
Heat  Hot coffee, casseroles, and other hot dishes can permanently mar your table. Buy a lifetime guaranteed Pioneer table pad to protect your valuable table from accidental heat damage.

Art: fork scratching tableScratches  If left unprotected, your table can be permanently damaged by accidental scratches. No matter how careful you are, your table comes in constant contact with items that can scratch its fine surface.

Art: wine glass spillingSpills  Moisture is fine wood furniture’s worst enemy. Water rings and spots can destroy your table’s beautiful finish. The easy-care vinyl surface of a Pioneer table pad protects against spill and stain damage.

Table Pads Handcrafted with Pride

In these days of robotics and mass production, we take pride in the fact that your table pad is custom and handmade the exact same way as your grandmother’s pad. Our gals cut, snip and tuck in the same way table pads have been made for 100 years—with great care. Folding and unfolding the table pad over many years puts stress on the hinges. If the hinges are not constructed properly, they will wear out rapidly. Pioneer’s table pad hinges are handmade for strength and durability. They will withstand the test of time and stress. What other industry can promise you such quality in this impersonal age?

All of our table pads come with a Lifetime Guarantee.