Where Can I Use Table Pads?

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Table pads are commonly used to protect a variety of fine furniture surfaces such as kitchen tables, dining tables, buffets, servers, cocktail tables, end tables, night stands, desks, dressers, conference tables and banquet tables.

Photo: table with perfect finishTable Pads are Perfect Protection

Table pads keep your tables looking as perfect as as the day you bought them. Each table pad is custom made to fit your particular shape table to within a tolerance of 1/4ʺ.

Dining room table pad photoDining Table Pads

During a formal dinner, when you invite a group of people, it is often hard to control what is happening at your table. Once you put on your table pad and cloth you will not have to worry any longer.

Kitchen table pad photoKitchen Table Pads

Table pads are especially helpful in protecting tables in informal areas, turning kitchen or casual tables into workspaces for wrapping, sewing, bills, homework and crafts.

Buffet/server table pad photoBuffet Table Pads

We hear about many accidents to buffets and servers because people often serve off the buffet with hot food, instead of family style at the dining table.

End table/night stand pad photoTable Pads for End Tables, Night Stands, Chests, and Dressers

Small tables and chests often are inviting places to set cold and hot glasses and cups. Many people think that only hot items can leave a white ring, but cold and condensation can also damage the finish.

Cocktail/coffee table pad photoCocktail Table Pads

When my grandchildren come, watch out, things go a flyin’. My cocktail table pad protects the finish and the glass from sticky little fingers.

Photo: table with burning candlesScratches, Heat and Spills

Table pads are made to protect the beautiful finish of your table against accidental scratches, heat and spills. I’ve been told many stories through the years, such as Sterno accidents, fallen candles, ignited centerpieces, and even fallen chandeliers. In most cases, the pad was ruined but the top of the table was saved.

Custom conference table pad photoConference Table Pads

Office furniture pads and conference table pads protect your investment and enhance the function of your custom furniture. Whether your table pad needs include a conference table, banquet table, boardroom table, console, credenza, desk, or any other pad for office furniture, we can fit it precisely.