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Table Pad Storage Bags

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Table pad storage bag close-up of handle and zipperWe find customers use table pads in one of two ways: they leave their table pads on the table 100% of the time, or the table pads are stored 90% of the time.

If you intend to take your custom table pad off and store it, we make a Table Pad Storage Bag to help protect your investment. Up to four pad sections can fit in this bag.

Price: $45 $Call

Our Table Pad Storage Bag is a heavy gauge vinyl bag with a velcro closure used to store a set of table pads.

  • The heavy gauge vinyl protects the pad from exposure to moisture while in storage.
  • The Table Pad Storage Bag keeps the table pads clean and away from small bits of debris which may unknowingly find their way between the back of your pad and the finish of your table.

While your custom table pads are in the bag, we recommend storing them flat.