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How to Select the Best Vinyl Color to Match Your Table

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Best Method

Only real vinyl samples show colors accurately. If you requested samples, find them in a little plastic bag inside your brochure. Request our free kit with actual color samples.

  1. Place the samples on your table in front of a chair.
  2. Use only natural light when viewing the colors: open all blinds and drapery and turn off all lights, including chandeliers and lamps in adjoining rooms.
  3. Walk 5 to 10 feet away: a good color choice will blend in at that distance.

Second-Best Method

Choose a color by viewing our colors and photos online.

Or Send us a Photo

You can email a photo of your table to and we’ll mail you several color swatches we think will match your table.

Example table photo for choosing a table pad colorThese photo tips will ensure we’re seeing the color of your table accurately!

  1. Make sure there are no artificial lights on in the room. Artificial light can make your table’s color look several shades lighter. That means no chandeliers, no lamps, no adjacent kitchen lighting! However, open all blinds and draperies; we want as much natural light as possible.
  2. If there is a window or door in the room, your back should be to that light, so that there is no glare in the photo.
  3. Stand back 2 or 3 feet when you take the photo; in other words, take a wide shot so we can see the table, and into the room. To see color accurately, we need to see contrast in the surrounding area.